Barnet Hearing & Balance Services

Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy Services

Amita Raval
Oak Lane Clinic
Oak Lane
N2 8LT

Tel: 020 8349 7063
Fax: 020 8349 7001

The Speech and Language Therapy Team aims to provide an effective and accessible speech and language therapy service to children with speech, language and communication and feeding difficulties so that they may achieve and maintain an optimum level of functioning. Speech and language therapy services are provided to all those who, following full assessment, are diagnosed as needing intervention and guidance. An assessment will include liaison with appropriate professionals and parents/carers.

The service is provided in a setting which is most appropriate for the needs of the child and family. This includes health centres and clinics, designated schools and units, hospitals and, when appropriate, people's homes within the boundaries of Barnet.


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