Barnet Hearing & Balance Services

Sensory impairment team for hearing

The team supports children and young people from 0 to 19 years of age who have a hearing loss and their families.

  • We have an open referral policy but the majority of our referrals come through the Children’s Audiology Service based at Edgware Hospital
  • All children born in Barnet hospitals should be screened for hearing loss within a few days of birth. If your child has not had a hearing test please talk to your GP
  • Children who do not pass the screening are referred for diagnostic assessment to the Children’s Audiology Service. If they diagnose a significant hearing loss the child is referred to either The Nuffield Centre, Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital or Barnet General for further assessment and treatment.
  • Children referred to the Nuffield Centre by the Children’s Audiology Service are referred to our team with the parents permission
  • For children with mild or temporary hearing loss we may provide a one-off or occasional visit to the family or educational setting. Children with this level of hearing loss are usually supported at School Action or Early Years Action level of support
  • Children who have significant, long-term or permanent hearing loss will usually be issued with hearing aids. We provide support at School Action Plus or Early Years Action Plus in those cases where the child attends an educational setting. We provide pre-school support for the child and their family from diagnosis for those children not yet in education and will often be the ‘Key Worker’ for the family
  • We maintain close contact with the Audiology clinics and Speech & Language Therapy Service
  • We provide specialist equipment for children and pupils in educational settings in Barnet
  • We provide training and advisory support to schools, nurseries and pre-schools that are supporting children and pupils who have a hearing loss
  • The pattern of advisory visits to schools etc. depends on need and may vary from time to time
  • We maintain close liaison with the schools in Barnet that are additionally resourced for children and young people who have significant hearing loss. (Summerside for nursery & primary pupils, Hendon school for secondary)

Contact us

For further information, you can contact us on:

Tel: 020 8359 7697


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